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VFF Mission

Veterans Fly Fishing is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of not only disabled veterans but all veterans who have served this great Nation through fly fishing and other activities.



We enable all veterans to get out and meet other veterans to restore the bonds and trust built while serving this great Nation.


Our organization provides reliably high-quality events for all the veterans and volunteers.

The Founder

Jeremy Kennard is the founder of Veterans Fly Fishing and some know him as “Germ” in the CVMA 23-7. He grew up fishing on the lakes and rivers of Washington State.

After high school, He joined the Army and was part of the 501st Airborne Infantry at Fort Richardson in Alaska. He did three years with the 501st Airborne. After getting out of the Army, he went back home to Seattle.

After getting his art degree from the Art Institute in Seattle, the war kicked off and joined back up to do his part. He was in the 4th ID 1-22 Infantry at Fort Hood in Texas. He spent another 3 ½ years with the 1-22 Infantry and 1 year Tikrit and 1 year Baghdad. 

He is currently going to Texas State University getting his Bachelor's in Social work. Upon graduation, Jeremy intends to continue his education and attain his Master's degree in Social Work.

After getting his Master's degree he plans on working at the VA where he feels he can do the best with veterans. Working with veterans on all levels is his new mission in life. 

When he is not in class or doing homework, you can find him painting, or on a lake, or river fly fishing. 
Contact Us
If you want to learn how to fly fish with us, just send an email and we will make it happen. IF you know how to fly fish then come out fly fishing with us. Thier is no cost to veterans. Let's go Fly Fishing. 

Austin, Texas